Poetry represents a form of literary art in which language is used in order to express special feelings and thoughts or to describe circumstances and situations. Strictly speaking language gets employed for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to its evident meaning. Poetry can be written independently, for instance as poems, by poets, authors, hobby poets or people who like to express their feelings by means of special words and rhymes.

Poetry is generally published in dedicated magazines such as ‘Poetry’ and ‘Oxford Poetry’ which turn out to be the longest established poetry magazines. Of course there also exist individual collections as well as wider anthologies that do provide outstanding selections of different types of poems written by poets and authors all around the world. In this context it has to be taken into consideration that is very rare to discover anything other than lyrics and poetry outside of large collections and archives. In spite of all there do exist lots of online poetry portals providing a variety of different categories such as love poems, wedding poems, sad poems, anniversary poems, birthday poems and many others more. One of these outstanding online poetry portals is PoemsAndLovePoems.com. PoemsAndLovePoems.com as well as other poetry portals offer thousands of poems for every festive reason. Strictly speaking the poetry archive contains a large number of poems from famous and well-known poets all around the world and does also present a comprehensive poetry community.

Poetry becomes always more popular because it provides the possibility to express feelings like happiness, love, sadness and pain by means of special words. So poetry can be considered as a form of literary art that helps deal with thoughts and feelings in life. Strictly speaking metaphors, similes, and metonymies can be used in order to create a resonance between disparate images. Consequently meanings of words and thoughts can easily be paraphrased by means of the employment of appropriate metaphors. Furthermore kindred forms of resonance may exist, for instance between verses within their patterns of rhyme.